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Maddy, Hannah & Giles Tour Dates


Maddy Prior with Hannah James and Giles Lewin
“3 For Joy”

“Folky three join up for joyously beardless collaboration.”
(David Quantick - Q Magazine - 4 Stars.)

“3 For Joy is an exultant meeting of generations and traditions, but stamped with the strong musical personalities of each member.”
(Tim Cumming – Songline Magazine – 4 stars.)

A true legend of British music, Maddy Prior has built her long career on exploring various musical avenues. As well as helming the famous Steeleye Span for the majority of their forty three year career, her solo work has seen Prior work with an array of talented musicians and singers – many of whom have gone on to become well respected names in their own right. It is such an eye for new talent that has kept Maddy’s own music fresh and enabled her to take a new turn with every release.

3 For Joy is no exception, a further exploration of the tradition that Maddy loves so much alongside two musical partners. Giles Lewin will be a familiar face to connoisseurs of her career, having started work with the singer with the Carnival Band in 1986. A founder member of the acclaimed Bellowhead and a master of many different instruments, his musical relationship with Prior has flourished thanks to her frequent reunions with the Carnivals and his contribution of fiddle to her 2008 solo album Seven For Old England – a record that would take them to the BBC Electric Proms. Hannah James, meanwhile, is part of the new generation of English folk musicians who have been inspired by Maddy and Steeleye. An accomplished accordion player, she has released two albums with fiddle player Sam Sweeney and works with the award nominated group Lady Maisey.

Together, the three have crafted an album that sits perfectly within the Maddy Prior canon. There are elements that stretch back to her very first recordings with Tim Hart, others that are completely new. As with Seven For Old England, 3 For Joy is a simple record but is all the more stirring for it. Often, the sound is nothing more than that of the musicians’ three vocals, a beautifully clear reflection of the power of human voice. Elsewhere, Lewin and James contribute their own deft touches, contributing a sense of music from around the globe – particularly Eastern Europe.

As ever, the material on the record reflects Maddy’s passion for seeking out new sources and inspiration. It ranges from the work of Victorian Border writer James Hogg (very popular with the Brontes) to fourteenth century poems, tales of the industrial revolution from Ulster and music from the Southern Baptist Church tradition in the US. All seemingly disparate origins, yet brought together into one natural whole by Prior and her remarkable collaborators. In that respect, the song remains the same.

“3 For Joy” (PRKCD123)
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Maddy has a history of collaborating with unexpected musicians. Looking to approach traditional and written material from interesting and varied perspectives. On this tour she teams up with Giles Lewin, a multi-talented instrumentalist and singer with a classical background diluted by some years in the band After Hours. He is a stalwart of the Carnival Band, another long-time collaboration of Maddy’s. They will be joined by Hannah James a young, fresh and gifted lady who currently can been seen as part of Lady Maisry, and has previously been in the Demon Barbers and Kerfuffle. She will be bringing singing, accordion and clog dancing to the show.

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